Battle of the Burbs 2016

It is back – Battle of the Burbs 2016

The MIX 96.9 Battle of the Burbs 2016 is in full swing and Anthem needs your vote!

Last year Anthem ended in the runner-up status as many residents showed their support and showered the community with pride.

We need to take it home this year!

Anthem Battle of the Burbs Needs You

Round 2 voting is currently active and Anthem has made it to the Top 16 Burbs!  But we need to keep voting.  It looks like Anthem has a solid lead over Laveen at this time, but there are still 2 voting days left.  Lets end Round 2 strong!!

vote_1563949bPlace your votes by visiting this link

Your vote will help secure Anthem in the next round and battle for one of the Great 8 positions!!

The Next Rounds of voting

Round 2 (Top 16) Voting: March 18 (10am) – 23 (8am)

Round 3 (Top 8) Voting: March 23 (10am) – 28 (8am)

Round 4 (Top 4) Voting: March 28 (10am) – April 1st (8am)

Final Round Voting: April 1st (10am) – April 5th (11:59pm)

Winner will be announced on April 6th at 7:05am


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